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Thus, a person tries to control his weight and figure, periodically making adjustments by drinking. The disorder is accompanied by depression and panic about the possibility of gaining weight. Despite the seriousness of this illness, it is not included in the register of recognized mental disorders. This is explained by the fact that drankorexia is still a very young phenomenon in the world of psychology.

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Most recently, professors at the University of California, as well as leading experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, announced the results of their observations regarding a group of people aged 16 to 30 years. More than a million people from this group practice losing weight by drinking alcohol. This conclusion had an alarming effect on scientists in the United States.

The feeling of hunger becomes a faithful companion in the aspirations of drug addicts, because the food in the stomach has the ability to absorb alcohol. All drinking occurs on an empty stomach, otherwise food can ruin your plans. This allows you to Buy asthma inhalers in a short time and seems to be an effective measure for those who want to lose weight.

However, this method of combating excess weight only leads to the development of chronic alcoholism, which is followed by various diseases of the digestive system, cardiovascular system and central nervous system. The result of the fight against extra pounds is the combination of anorexia and alcoholism, which poses a greater danger to the body than ordinary alcoholism.

A significant motivation for the development of drankorexia was also the saving of financial resources, because this lifestyle allows you to reduce food costs, which is very beneficial both when visiting entertainment venues and in everyday life. It is worth noting the role of mental disorder in popular culture. Drankorexia is promoted on many social networks. Hundreds of stories of effective weight loss are posted on various portals. Images of young people with sickly pale faces holding glasses of alcohol are also gaining enormous recognition.


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Like all mental disorders, drankorexia carries with it many negative consequences that affect work. All this can lead to the development ofdangerous, chronic diseases. Behavior becomes inappropriate, both while drinking alcohol and in everyday life. Because of asthma inhalers, patients are increasingly exposed to violence and criticism, which leads to the development of depression.

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They have a predominant personality disorder, difficulties in orientation in space, and their perception of the world around them deteriorates. Drankorexia also negatively affects sex life, giving rise to more relaxed desires, which again leads to trouble. Considerable emphasis should be placed on the consequences of drankorexia, both physiological and social.

Physiological consequences. The necessary vitamins and microelements contained in food not entering the body lead to order asthma inhalers in the dose of alcohol. Because of this, a person develops alcoholism. Thus, the state of intoxication occurs much faster, which leads to various types of disruptions in the body.

The cardiovascular system suffers, as well as the gastrointestinal tract. Also, replacing food with alcohol causes serious damage to the central nervous system. Incoming poisons and toxins are especially harmful to the brain, resulting in mental limitations. A person suffering from drankorexia has poor spatial orientation and interaction with others. He becomes susceptible to various kinds of infections as his immunity decreases. Drankorexia combines two diseases - alcoholism and anorexia, which emphasizes the need for prompt treatment, delay in which leads to irreversible consequences of brain destruction.